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Beijing Jun An Hotel is located in the second South Ring Road of Beijing, close to the Tiantan Park (East Gate), Hongqiao market and the National Sports Bureau.
It has a variety of comfortable rooms with broadband Internet access, central air conditioning for cooling and heating, and 24-hour hot water bath, which can meet the needs of different guests.
The hotel has 4 conference rooms and multi-function hall, which can receive all kinds of banquets and entertainment activities. The small conference room is clean and bright. It can accommodate 20 to 40 people. It is an ideal place for you to hold small and medium-sized meetings in Beijing.
The catering Department of the hotel provides all kinds of delicacies, mainly Sichuan cuisine, supplemented by Shandong and Guangdong cuisine. Excellent cooking, unique flavor, fine processing and reasonable price. There is karaoke in the exquisite private room, so that you can enjoy delicious food and relax at the same time.
In addition, in order to facilitate your business activities and life, it also has a number of services such as commodity department, air ticketing, travel agency, beauty salon, one-day tour in Beijing, etc. it is a good place for you to come to Beijing for leisure and business travel.
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FAQs when booking at Beijing Jun An Hotel
  • How far is the hotel from Capital Airport Beijing?

    Beijing Jun An Hotel is 24.9km from the airport.

  • Does Beijing Jun An Hotel offer airport shuttle service?

    Yes, please contact us with flight number to arrange it after booking a room.

  • What are the check-in and check-out time at Beijing Jun An Hotel?

    Check-in time is from 14:00, and check-out time is until 12:00 at Beijing Jun An Hotel.

  • Does Beijing Jun An Hotel have a pool or gym?

    No, The hotel has no pool and fitness room. See details about other facilities on this page.

  • Does Beijing Jun An Hotel have a restaurant?

    Yes, you could have a meal in the hotel.

  • Does Beijing Jun An Hotel offer internet or wifi?

    Yes, please request it when you check in the hotel.

  • Does Beijing Jun An Hotel accept prepaid room charge?

    Yes, please contact us after submitting a reservation.

  • Does Beijing Jun An Hotel accept credit card payments?

    No, the hotel does not accept credit card payment.

  • How much does it cost to stay at Beijing Jun An Hotel?

    The room prices is from cny288, but it may vary depending on your stay(e.g. dates, room type etc.).

Reviews more
  • longbear
    The hotel has a quiet environment, many restaurants and good service.
  • e00140248
    The computer doesn't work. The service is really good. They are very patient. And the most important thing is that the traffic is very convenient!
  • duiaiyaya
    Very good ... ...
  • pcmcncc
    Hotel location is very good, very close to the Temple of heaven Park. the traffic is very convenient, site not too far from Metro and buses, the only drawback is the bathroom is too small, may be snatching gold because of it ... There are so many places to eat around, unfortunately, only limited appetite to gokokuji snacks there had some local snacks.
  • apaul9
  • lijun852277
    Tourism check-in, good health, plenty of hot water, convenient transportation, subway and bus are within 500m, eating meals around the week is also convenient, the price is OK, the service attitude is also warm, cost-effective, it is worth checking in
  • dranran
    Distance is close to the Temple of heaven
  • aarontsai_8
    New year's time with MOM and dad to visit Beijing for two days, going to the Temple of heaven hotel near the Temple of heaven was selected, this location was excellent, just across from the Temple of heaven, from the line Line 5 close. near the HongQiao market, similar to the silk market, many foreigners buy, next to restaurant snacks a lot, very convenient. Room was very clean, triple room was large, very clean, parking is available outside, parking was convenient, we stopped the car from driving can play, very comfortable.
  • lanlelanle1
    Overall OK, but hotel facilities are too old
  • antigone
    Just today, and can also feel, quiet for a few days we'll see.
  • RING417
    Good, near Metro station, close to eating or more.
  • sunnylee663
    Go out more convenient transportation, is the furniture is a bit old
  • bl6511882
    Very good hotel, value for money high.
  • flyrian
    Good location, convenient transportation, good service, happy to recommend.
  • Eileen8408
    Affordable and convenient living for more than a week recommended
  • angelacjy
  • langping
    Convenient transportation, plenty of food around, clean cleaning, it is worth recommending.
  • m00060348
    It's a good position. It's very close to the temple of heaven. It's convenient to eat around
  • Cai-LT
    Special rooms are next to the toilet. There is no clearly identified. yihou live
  • jiyijia82
    Good service, convenient transportation
  • sunnyontrip
    Hotel location very good convenient surroundings, hotel service very friendly. health and very clean. suitable for a family of three occupancy. wireless networks are also good. hotel prices can be.
  • fany0027
    Specials room 199 Yuan, live in a floor, traffic that is is convenience of, around of McDonald's KFC, shortcut restaurant also many, snack bar that more is more has, more than 100 more meters has a celebrates Feng bun Pu, to taste has Xia, night also has night row document, affordable and cheap, I from airport way sat Metro to of here, turned Metro two times, altogether spent has 1.5 hours on to has here, distance Metro Line 5 line Temple of heaven East about 500 meters, walk also on a few minutes Bell, also line. room setShi old has some, but this price this lots, also is right of has. I this room facilities about is associate Samsung of standard's, and we Jiangsu Su Tin often to than words, not know other place of standard has. towel what of daily are for, also is normal of, not like small hotel of which species, days are not for of, out play also fear live which species place, will is annoying of. broadband free of, speed not rotten of which species, can with, but hundred trillion what of, didn't wants to had, haha. transceiver mailPieces, see page, check check map, that should is nothing problem of, but see movie of speed, certainly didn't home good. shop in of clerk is enthusiasm of, Internet Shang not to, immediately on to to I see has, to WIFI password, front desk of received not to, but can found to Engineering Department of, immediately on to to I asked has password, service attitude is good of. pictures on not biography has, and publicity of specials standard between as.
  • fancy2
    GVLO9R; FO; I love you!
  • lornant
    Generally speaking, when I saw the prompt for valuables to be stored at the front desk, I took my computer bag and clothes to the front desk. The waitress said that she would never deposit them for the guests. I clearly saw that there were many guests at the front desk to deposit their bags. Later, I said that it was a boy who saved them for me when I saw the prompt. Ah...
  • CINDY0122
    Pretty good
  • liuyuxun
    Cost effective, nothing else.
  • candy_dream
    From the subway station and is close to the Temple of heaven!
  • bianleilove
    Nice location, contracted services, great.
  • AndrewTang
    The location is really good. It's very close to the temple of Heaven Park, the bus is cheap, and you don't have to worry about food and accommodation. Therefore, the plan of the journey route is quite convenient, the room is clean and tidy, and the family is satisfied
  • e00109129
    Good. Two more days. Good service, timely cleaning, quiet, no one to disturb. The front desk is very friendly. I'll choose here next time.
  • cccp121
    Location is convenient, Chinese new year is not a lot.
  • gangaster
    Hotel staff very helpful, facilities and some old, 201 people for breakfast a little cheating, good location, easy.
  • lilyxu811
    The service of the hotel is good, the surrounding catering quality is rich, it is worth living.
  • J987689
  • beibei0229
    The hotel facilities are old, quiet and convenient. If you live for a short time, it's a good place. If you live for a long time, it's not good. There are no big stores around! Shopping is not convenient!
  • e00039665
    The location of the hotel is good. There are many snacks around. It's not far from Metro Line 5. The east gate of the temple of heaven is next to line 5. In addition, although the hotel facilities are a little old, they are very clean and comfortable to live in. You can also ask the front desk for a refrigerator.
  • baofeng72
    It's OK. It's better than expected. The facilities are not as bad as many people say. The sheets are clean. It's close to the subway. There are many places to eat nearby, and it's very cheap
  • tianj
    The location is very good, the transportation is convenient, the sanitation is good, the towels and washing utensils are very clean, about 10 minutes away from the subway station (line 5), go out and turn left to the side of the road, there is a bus station (fahuasi station), nearby eating is also very convenient, it is worth recommending.
  • yingliu98
    Convenient transportation, located in the city center, next to the temple of heaven, Hongqiao market. The room facilities are old, and the service attitude is general.
  • liiyee
    The room is too small
  • mengjie
    Hotel location was excellent, convenient, cost-effective
  • e05748047
    After staying for several days, there are several restaurants around, and there are two markets. The market near Longtan Park is a little more expensive
  • C8286D
    The environment was quiet, tiantan East Metro station is 5 minutes away from walking! more convenient, go to the Temple of heaven, a few minutes away-
  • nini45
    Feel really good. locations is good, traffic is convenience, out Metro mouth go a 7, 8 minutes on to has, is find, and away from Temple of heaven East is near, tight Pro Hong Qiao market, can convenient selected tourism souvenirs and Pearl Jewelry, opposite also has antique street. exact of said hotel in method China Temple Street and Stadium West Road junction at, out has big bowl home, hotel, right line 100 meters has celebrates Feng bun, knife noodles, Patty, also has days guest long and the first supermarket, left line 50 meters has gokokujiSnacks, Meizhou snacks also has Harbin of modern popsicle. hotel facilities slightly explicit old, but with up also fine, at least no new decoration hotel of pollution, also is clean and dry, is has mosquito, room again big points on better has. water more hard, although can himself boil water but bad drink. recommends owned nursing sent pigment. provides tour of more article line, is convenient, price also is affordable. service personnel are is has patience, also is enthusiasm. next to also intends to live ' here.
  • anjye
  • donnieliu
    Rooms are small, others are good
  • lanxiaoyuan
    Surrounding which is very convenient and direct train! reception in the lobby is very nice and very enthusiastic! specially made arrangements! thank you! snacks around a lot! for example gokokuji snacks!
    It's OK. It's just that if you want to add a pillow, it's too low
  • ayu1213
    Cost-effective, highly recommended! convenience, service, and facilities
  • beier84
    Not really happy with, stay four nights sheets do not give change, children accidentally smeared a little bit, and I washed, and deduction of 60.
  • Angel Wang early
    Guests staying at this hotel for the first time, really not good, others are almost
  • Allenjen
    Very good, reasonable price, convenient transportation, very good
  • npy0514
    My parents went to Beijing for a week and ordered a hotel for them. It's a good location. It's close to the subway station. It's convenient to eat around. The facilities are old but clean.
  • d01094508
    Ordered the special room, room environment is not what, but good service attitude
  • vestolit
    It's a good location. It's convenient to go anywhere. But the bathroom is too small, there is no independent shower!
  • amyourlord
    Metro, bus are is near, travel convenient, although facilities old, but Basic run normal. set of is three people room, one-time comb was 2 a is using had of, and dirty and has hair left in comb Shang, scare have immediately threw garbage barrels has, hope these details more watch, Qian a times guest useless of one-time tool also again check of words on not has this thing has, other of are also OK has
  • GORDEN06
    Fully equipped, the rooms warm, good location, convenient transportation. Opposite the hotel, affordable, nice
  • baojy0606
    Service is good, the security
  • frauliu
    The hotel is really cost-effective. The location is very good, about 600 meters away from the east entrance of Tiantan of Metro Line 5 and the entrance of Ciqikou of Metro Line 7; There are many snack bars around. Big bowl house is just opposite. Qingfeng steamed bun is 200 meters, Lanzhou beef Ramen is 200 meters, Huguo Temple snack is 120 meters, KFC is 150 meters, Hongqiao market jewelry market is 120 meters nearby, 500 meters away from Tiantan Park; The Beijing Museum of nature is near the temple of heaven, but you need to make an appointment in advance.
  • yueguang_dy
    The transportation is quite convenient, and the environment is also good; It's convenient to have WiFi in the room
  • boss999
    Satisfied, very good living
  • suellen_feng
    It's good. It's very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.!!!!!!
  • gommn
    Location was great, from the bus station, Metro station is 5 minutes away. where is very convenient. is near the East Gate of the Temple of heaven Park. Service staff was very warm. ointment is the smell of smoke in the room are very strong, might be someone on the inside before smoking.
  • e01469856
    The service was very friendly, the location was superior, the price was fairly good relative to the location!
  • guernica
    The location of the hotel is good. It's very convenient to take a bus and eat. It is worth recommending
  • leisoive
    The hotel is not far from the subway station. Just cross the road. It's about 5 minutes' walk. But the hotel is too old, the facilities are very old, and the toilet is not very clean. It's like the guest house, but the price is very economical. Because there are too few three people, there is no way.
  • aladdin_lan
    it is just good. and good location
  • Jane1027
    Overall it was good, lovely guesthouse provides special room, except the bathroom small, but everything else is OK, but no WiFi it regrettably.
  • Eric3100
    Hotel is located in downtown, traffic convenience, make in the take static, room is clean, layout can, waiter is enthusiasm. away from Temple of heaven and Metro station is near, side Shang several small hotel taste also can, price also affordable. live of is specials room, bathroom too small, this price also only such has, Beijing of prices overall is high. speed slow, night peak Shi even Shang can't. hand not plenty on only such has.